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Mayan Astronomy Index


  1. Mayan Astronomy. The Maya were quite accomplished astronomers. ... It is difficult to talk of Mayan astronomy itself because it was truly part of a ... - Cached
  2. StarTeach Astronomy Education

    The Importance of Astronomy in Mayan Society ... of Mayan cosmology in his article on Mesoamerican astronomy (see references) ... Mayan Astronomy ... - 52k - Cached
  3. How Mayan Astronomers used multiples of 13 in the 260-day Almanac to count Venus synodic periods. ... there is to be any hope of comprehending Mayan astronomy. ... - Cached
  4. Mayan Astronomy

    Astronomy was extremely important to this culture in many aspects. ... It is where much of the information about Mayan mathematics and astronomy comes from. ... Astronomy.html - Cached
  5. Covers Mayan beliefs and their contributions to mathematics, calendar system, and writing, as well as astronomy. - Cached
  6. Mayan Astronomy © 1995-2001 Untangle Incorporated. Last Updated: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 ... D. Jenkins" Subject: Re: Mayan Astronomy This document is a ... - Cached
  7. Full of startling discoveries not only about the past and the seemingly remote civilization of the Maya but ourselves and the destiny of the human race. - Cached
  8. The Maya were quite accomplished astronomers. ... Contact. Updated: July 22 2005 > / projects / maya astronomy / astronomy ... - Cached
  9. Mayan Astronomy ... Here is a Mayan astronomical "instrument." At the tropical latitudes of the Mayan cities, the sun passes directly over head ... - Cached
  10. The Dresden Codex — the Book of Mayan Astronomy. By Bohumil Böhm and Vladimir Böhm ... 3) Results of Mayan Astronomy in the Dresden Codex and Correlation of the Mayan ... - 96k - Cached

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